Hackers are Unstoppable?


According to research by Kaspersky Lab, 86% of Cybersecurity professionals think that hackers are not stoppable and will eventually succeed at compromising the systems that the cyber pros are hired to protect.

In my opinion this awareness of the seriousness of the threat is admirable.  Such an attitude should keep us all on high alert.

On the other hand, the view may also become a self fulfilling prophecy.

The largest risks come from two groups:  criminal gangs and insider threats.

Criminal gangs of hackers are generally motivated by financial gain. These types of breaches happen every day. Most of these never make the news because they are relatively small in scale. In fact, many of these are not even properly reported.  The Kapersky survey showed that these security experts believe that 40% of their attackers are likely to be organized criminal hackers.

The increased risk and the understanding that systems will eventually fall to an attack leads to the belief that most cyber experts will see their budget increase (56%).

Financial loss and reputational damage are the most concerning potential outcomes of cyber attacks.  Of course these go hand in hand.  If your reputation is damaged it is likely that customers will take their business elsewhere.


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