Cyber Attacks on Critical Infrastructure

Cyber Attacks on Critical Infrastructure

Cyber attacks on critical infrastructures can target technologies, processes, networks, services, systems, and facilities essential to public safety, health, and economic activities. Governments also rely on critical infrastructure to render effective services. As a result, disruptions of critical infrastructure due to cyber-attacks can cause grave consequences. Despite this, a new study revealed that 83% of organizations that manage critical infrastructure suffered a cyberattack in 2021. However, the research also found that 73% of CISOs and CIOs expressed high confidence that their organizations will not be victims of operational technology breaches in the coming years. However, such a false sense of … Read more

Cybersecurity Debt: A Ticking Time Bomb!

Cybersecurity Debt: A Ticking Time Bomb!

By Ajay Singh, Author of CyberStrong! A Primer on Cyber Risk Management for Business Managers Whenever a significant cyber-attack happens (which is more frequent now than ever before), several issues relating to vulnerabilities, technology, and processes are back on the discussion table for those responsible for cybersecurity. One issue that often gets bypassed or does not get the attention it deserves is the security debt that an organization accumulates over time.  Security debt is a subset of what is known as ‘technical debt. Simply put, it is an accumulation of vulnerabilities that exist on account of shortcuts taken during the … Read more

cryptography tools

11 Best Cryptography Tools in 2022

Computing systems requiring cryptography tools are deeply ingrained into modern human lifestyles and business practices. Specifically, digital technologies are applied in every domain, including healthcare, security, transportation, marketing, banking, and education. As a result, data has become a vital asset. In addition, companies require data to derive business value, whereas attackers target data for monetary and other gains. That said, organizations need reliable methods to secure sensitive information and maintain data integrity and confidentiality. Fortunately, cryptography and encryption methods have been used for centuries to prevent prying eyes from accessing secret messages. Also, strong encryption has become one of the … Read more

Best Firewall Settings

11 Best Practices for Best Firewall Settings

Typically, best firewall settings include action components that decide if a firewall will permit or block traffic based on a match feature. For instance, if the traffic meets the rules specifications, then it connects to the network. That way, organizations can leverage the firewall to block presumably malicious traffic in public networks from getting to internal networks. It is vital to consider potential security threats when modifying firewall rules to prevent unforeseen issues. We have put together a list of the best practices for fine-tuning your firewall settings to help you maximize the security tool’s effectiveness. It is necessary to … Read more

Asymetric Encryption Example

5 Super Asymmetric Encryption Example Use Cases

Asymmetric Encryption Example use cases can help enterprises with the numerous challenges they must deal with, especially on matters about cybersecurity. For example, mobile and cloud technologies enable the transmission and processing of confidential data, including financial deals, personal information, and health data. But, on the other hand, this has caused an expanded attack surface, and the threat landscape continues to evolve at an alarming rate. As a result, companies that handle sensitive data are under immense pressure to maintain daily business processes without compromising data security. Encrypting data is a widely used method for protecting information privacy, integrity, and … Read more

Best firewall for android

Best Firewall for Android Devices

Using the best firewall for Android devices is essential in today’s threat environment. Android operating system commands the lion’s share of mobile users globally as of September 2021, accounting for 72.44% of the mobile operating systems market globally. The closest competitor, iOS, has a market share of only 26.75%. Additionally, 80% of the more than 313 million smartphones and tablets shipped between April and July 2021 were running the Android OS. Undoubtedly, Android is the most popular OS on the planet. The popularity hinges on the OS’s open-source nature, which permits popular mobile phone manufacturers, including Huawei, Samsung, and Xiaomi, … Read more

wireless network security

Wireless Network Security Considerations

The increasing proliferation of wireless networks in businesses, public places, and private homes, along with the widespread use of smartphones, tablets, computers, and IoT devices, has resulted in a vastly increased attack surface for malicious actors.  Security in both business and non-business environments is essential for the protection of valuable data and personal information.  While businesses and organizations invest significantly in wireless network security, security in-home wireless networks are often not considered.  Both business and home networks face the same risks related to wireless networks.  Some of these risks include piggybacking, wardriving, evil twin attacks, wireless sniffing, unauthorized computer access, … Read more

Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Elliptic Curve Cryptography Encryption Application and Benefits

Elliptic curve cryptography encryption is a modern public key cryptographic system that is widely popular because it is more efficient, faster, and smaller compared to most cryptographic solutions. ECC is based on the elliptic curve theory that enables the creation of more efficient cryptographic keys. In addition, ECC’s asymmetric encryption has smaller key sizes making it lightweight. Understanding ECC Existing public encryption methods, including RSA and Diffie-Hellman, generate large numbers requiring high computational power. Therefore, they need vast resources to encrypt applications and may be unsuitable for use in resource-constrained mobile applications. The use of elliptic curves enables the creation … Read more


RFID Security Vulnerabilites

As with any other wireless technology, RFID is prone to security vulnerabilities. RFID tags can be counterfeited, spoofed, sniffed, and even carry viruses that infect RFID readers and their associated networks. Imagine that your organization has decided to adopt RFID tags to improve supply chain management. What are at least three methods that could be used to secure the RFID tags better? There are security risks associated with wireless technologies, and (Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are no exception. These security risks include viruses, replay attacks, spoofing, RFID sniffing, tracking, and other attacks. Organizations should implement security best practices to … Read more

how to deal with ransomware

How to Deal with Ransomware in 2022

Ransomware continues to be a pressing challenge for many companies. It is a type of malware that hackers use to encrypt critical system files. A CrowdStrike Global Security Attitude Survey found that at least 56% of organizations worldwide were victims of a ransomware incident. Also, the survey revealed that 27% of the affected companies paid ransoms to the attackers, with each incident averaging $1.1 million. Therefore, ransomware is a high-priority cyber threat plaguing organizations in different industries. Attackers use various ransomware variants to encrypt mission-critical files and demand high payouts. For example, REvil ransomware targeted Acer, and the attackers demanded … Read more


Best Practices to Secure Joomla Website

With the growing popularity of e-commerce stores, which offer an easy shopping experience for customers, comes the need to have a more fitting website to connect with your audience.  Joomla is a CMS (content management system) platform that you may want to use to build your online store. In addition, it has many e-Commerce extensions, which make it easier to build your site. Is Joomla Safe from Hackers? The question of whether or not Joomla is safe for e-commerce stores has been a concern since the emergence of POS (point of sale) malware and cyberattacks on small businesses. Joomla is … Read more

Encrypt Internet Connection

How to Encrypt Internet Connection in 2022 – Top Five Methods

There has been an increased uptake of remote working following a global pandemic that disrupted normal office-based work methods. Currently, at least 16% of organizations worldwide are fully remote, whereas experts predict that 73% of companies will allow employees to work remotely by 2028. In a remote working setting, employees not only require a strong and stable internet, but it must also be secure and encrypted. Remote working means that employees use their preferred internet connections to access or transmit sensitive information. An encrypted internet connection is also crucial for office-based setups, home networks, and other networks that individuals use … Read more


IPv4 DNS Vs. IPv6 DNS – Implementation and Predictions

The Basics of DNS DNS is the acronym used for Domain Name System.  A primary purpose of DNS is to translate IP addresses into hostnames (alphabetic names) inside a local network and vice versa (Kralicek, 2016).  DNS is an essential component of the Internet because this IP conversion creates a much more user-friendly experience.  Without DNS, the user would be required to navigate the Internet using numeric (IPv4) or hexadecimal IP (IPv6) addresses.  It is much easier for users to remember hostnames that usually consist of easily remembered words. An example of a hostname is  One of the IPv4 … Read more

How to encrypt phone calls

How to Encrypt Phone Calls

Best Practices for Encrypting your Phone Communications Phone communication through voice calls and text messages in the workplace is critical to ensuring continued productivity. In the post-COVID-19 era, a significant number of organizations have permitted employees to continue working remotely. As a result, mobile devices will remain critical to sharing sensitive information through various communication channels: SMS messages, VoIP calls, regular phone calls, video calls, group chats, instant messaging, and conference calls. However, malicious cyber actors often target mobile phones or android devices that lack end-to-end encryption protection. According to Checkpoint’s Mobile Security Report 2021, nearly every company experienced cyberattacks … Read more

Cybersecurity Industries

Which Industries Are Most at Risk for Cyberattacks?

Based on a survey conducted by Statista, IT security professionals worldwide saw an increase in the number of cyberattacks due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The threats IT professionals faced were primarily seen in data infiltration and leakage. In addition, email phishing scams were reported by half of the respondents. Businesses of all kinds and across the globe need to be prepared to face such threats. Cybercrime attacks prove to be costly — the FBI reports in their 2020 Internet Crime Report that costs exceed a total of $4.2 billion. Many businesses can prevent falling victim to cybercrime. Still, not … Read more


How to Protect Your PC From Cryptojacking

As technology advances, so does our dependence on it. And with COVID-19 encouraging more digital lifestyles, we’re now more reliant on tech than ever before. However, as PC use increases, so does the sophistication of methods used to disguise hacking attempts. On average, a computer is breached every 39 seconds. Private consumers fall victim to identity theft, and commercial users experience the loss of sensitive data. Even blockchain — one of the most secure technologies in the world — is affected. In fact, cryptocurrency-related hacks, known as cryptojacking, may not seem malicious on the surface, but it was listed by us … Read more

How to encrypt an external hard drive

How to Encrypt an External Hard Drive

The current average cost of a data breach increased by 10% to $4.24 million. A data breach is an unwanted or unauthorized access to sensitive or personal information. As many businesses are concerned, data breaches are complicated hacks where hackers exploit system security flaws to access networks and databases. As a result, they usually channel most resources towards securing the network perimeter by implementing firewalls, endpoint detection and response systems, antimalware products, and intelligent threat hunting capabilities. All these and many others are vital to protecting customer and company data from increasing cyber threats. However, numerous organizations overlook securing one … Read more

Connecticut Cybersecurity

Connecticut Leads The Country With Cybersecurity Initiatives

Connecticut businesses and organizations that have been breached in a cyberattack could be protected from liability if they have adopted and implemented adequate cybersecurity protocols under a new Connecticut law. The new law has been designed to give businesses and organizations an incentive to enhance their digital defenses. While the Connecticut legislature did not succeed in passing their own privacy law like those that were passed in other states, including California, Colorado, and Virginia, the legislature was able to pass the “Act Incentivizing The Adoption Of Cybersecurity Standards For Businesses” – the bill was drafted by the legislature’s Commerce Committee … Read more

Healthcare Cybersecurity

Healthcare Cybersecurity Post Covid-19

Cybersecurity is one of the largest concerns for healthcare organizations. With phishing emails, ransomware attacks, and healthcare data breaches increasing daily, protecting patient data is one of the crucial objectives of healthcare providers. For example, researchers estimate that ransomware attacks will quadruple in the coming years as the global healthcare industry digitizes patient information. In addition, in contrast to the perception that cybersecurity risks are similar across all industries, healthcare cybersecurity is unique. The healthcare sector has rapidly connected networks, systems, and data to leverage the technological benefits in recent years. However, healthcare professionals have focused more on connecting healthcare … Read more

cybersecurity stock trends

Cybersecurity Trends Affecting Cybersecurity Stocks in 2022

In 2022 cybersecurity is on everyone’s lips. After all, more and more companies are changing their business model to rely on e-commerce. That’s why companies such as Bulletproof Cyber Security have a broad range of customers, from individual clients to corporations and governments. Because of that, many investors decide to put their money into this particular industry, as they can see significant growth opportunities both now and in the future. Below, you will find information on 4 cybersecurity trends that are currently affecting cybersecurity stocks. You can read more about growing threats of cybercrime, major government investments, cyber warfare and … Read more

Cybersecurity Challenges

Cybersecurity Challenges in 2022

Today, a bunch of cybersecurity threats has the security teams on high alert. In perpetuity, sophisticated and frequent attacks involving ransomware, malware attacks, phishing, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), among others, have placed information systems and data belonging to organizations and individuals at constant risk. So what are some of the challenges that individuals and organizations face in cybersecurity? Adverse Impacts of Security Incidents At the same time, there are warnings on the increased potential for disruptions. Increasingly, businesses, governments, and individuals are heavily dependent on fragile connectivity that creates the potential for premeditated internet outages. Such incidents … Read more

Cryptography and Network Security Principles

Cryptography and Network Security Principles

The digital world is experiencing explosive growth in computer systems and their interconnections via networks. As a result, the trend has caused an increased dependence of both individuals and organizations on the sensitive information stored and communicated using digital systems. Meanwhile, security is mandatory in an age of viruses, malware, hackers, electronic fraud, and electronic eavesdropping on a global scale. With recent sophisticated and frequent cyberattacks, network administrators employ security mechanisms to protect data in the network from unauthorized access and different threats. In particular, security experts have devised mature cryptography and network security solutions. Recent developments in cryptography provide … Read more

Red Team Vs Blue Team

Red Team VS Blue Team: What’s The Difference?

Be it a small organization or a large one, one of the most efficient and effective ways to detect system or infrastructure vulnerabilities and to prevent potent attacks is by employing red team and blue team strategies. A red team is an offensive team that conducts penetration testing and vulnerability assessments tests to detect any risks or vulnerabilities in a system. A blue team is basically a response team that reacts and responds to the threats swiftly while upholding the organization’s defense. Despite the differences, the red team and the blue team have a common goal that is to secure … Read more

Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan

Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan in 2022

Many companies are ill-prepared to identify, respond, and protect themselves from cyber-attacks. In an IBM report done by Ponemon Institute, a survey involving at least 3,600 IT and cybersecurity professionals globally found that 77% of enterprises lack a cyber incident response plan. The same study found that 54% of organizations with an implemented incident response plan do not have measures for testing it regularly. Despite research showing that an effective, rapid response is crucial to containing adverse security events, shortfalls in adequate IR planning have been consistent over the years. Insufficient response planning leaves companies less prepared to manage complex … Read more

Common Encryption Methods

Common Encryption Methods in 2022

Introduction Common Encryption Methods are important to understand in 2022. Today, the Internet provides essential communication and data sharing between billions of people. People use it as a tool for commerce, financial services, social interaction, and the exchange of vast amounts of personal and business information. With the growing popularity and increased internet use, security has become an exceedingly significant issue for every individual and organization. Internet principles of openness and broad access are no longer a requisite when sending sensitive information over a public network. Unquestionably, you desire to keep confidential information from unauthorized access. Most importantly, you need … Read more