Healthcare Cybersecurity

Healthcare Cybersecurity Post Covid-19

Cybersecurity is one of the largest concerns for healthcare organizations. With phishing emails, ransomware attacks, and healthcare data breaches increasing daily, protecting patient data is one of the crucial objectives of healthcare providers. For example, researchers estimate that ransomware attacks will quadruple in the coming years as the global healthcare industry digitizes patient information. In addition, in contrast to the perception that cybersecurity risks are similar across all industries, healthcare cybersecurity is unique. The healthcare sector has rapidly connected networks, systems, and data to leverage the technological benefits in recent years. However, healthcare professionals have focused more on connecting healthcare … Read more

cybersecurity stock trends

Cybersecurity Trends Affecting Cybersecurity Stocks in 2021

In 2021 cybersecurity is on everyone’s lips. After all, more and more companies are changing their business model to rely on e-commerce. That’s why companies such as Bulletproof Cyber Security have a broad range of customers, from individual clients to corporations and governments. Because of that, many investors decide to put their money into this particular industry, as they can see significant growth opportunities both now and in the future. Below, you will find information on 4 cybersecurity trends that are currently affecting cybersecurity stocks. You can read more about growing threats of cybercrime, major government investments, cyber warfare and … Read more

Cybersecurity Challenges

Cybersecurity Challenges in 2021

Today, a bunch of cybersecurity threats has the security teams on high alert. In perpetuity, sophisticated and frequent attacks involving ransomware, malware attacks, phishing, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), among others, have placed information systems and data belonging to organizations and individuals at constant risk. So what are some of the challenges that individuals and organizations face in cybersecurity? Adverse Impacts of Security Incidents At the same time, there are warnings on the increased potential for disruptions. Increasingly, businesses, governments, and individuals are heavily dependent on fragile connectivity that creates the potential for premeditated internet outages. Such incidents … Read more

Cryptography and Network Security Principles

Cryptography and Network Security Principles

The digital world is experiencing explosive growth in computer systems and their interconnections via networks. As a result, the trend has caused an increased dependence of both individuals and organizations on the sensitive information stored and communicated using digital systems. Meanwhile, security is mandatory in an age of viruses, malware, hackers, electronic fraud, and electronic eavesdropping on a global scale. With recent sophisticated and frequent cyberattacks, network administrators employ security mechanisms to protect data in the network from unauthorized access and different threats. In particular, security experts have devised mature cryptography and network security solutions. Recent developments in cryptography provide … Read more

Red Team Vs Blue Team

Red Team VS Blue Team: What’s The Difference?

Be it a small organization or a large one, one of the most efficient and effective ways to detect system or infrastructure vulnerabilities and to prevent potent attacks is by employing red team and blue team strategies. A red team is an offensive team that conducts penetration testing and vulnerability assessments tests to detect any risks or vulnerabilities in a system. A blue team is basically a response team that reacts and responds to the threats swiftly while upholding the organization’s defense. Despite the differences, the red team and the blue team have a common goal that is to secure … Read more

Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan

Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan in 2021

Many companies are ill-prepared to identify, respond, and protect themselves from cyber-attacks. In an IBM report done by Ponemon Institute, a survey involving at least 3,600 IT and cybersecurity professionals globally found that 77% of enterprises lack a cyber incident response plan. The same study found that 54% of organizations with an implemented incident response plan do not have measures for testing it regularly. Despite research showing that an effective, rapid response is crucial to containing adverse security events, shortfalls in adequate IR planning have been consistent over the years. Insufficient response planning leaves companies less prepared to manage complex … Read more

Common Encryption Methods

Common Encryption Methods in 2021

Introduction Common Encryption Methods are important to understand in 2021. Today, the Internet provides essential communication and data sharing between billions of people. People use it as a tool for commerce, financial services, social interaction, and the exchange of vast amounts of personal and business information. With the growing popularity and increased internet use, security has become an exceedingly significant issue for every individual and organization. Internet principles of openness and broad access are no longer a requisite when sending sensitive information over a public network. Unquestionably, you desire to keep confidential information from unauthorized access. Most importantly, you need … Read more

Data Breaches

What You Need to Know About Data Breaches

Companies have a responsibility to safeguard the data provided by their customers. When these are compromised through a data breach, it can be significantly costly on their part, and their reputation can rapidly go down the drain. What’s worse is that their customers will become vulnerable to identity theft and other nasty cybercrimes. But what exactly is a data breach, how does it happen, and where does the stolen information go? Let’s dive deeper into this matter. What is a Data Breach? A data breach is an accident where information is forcefully taken or stolen physically or virtually from a … Read more

Healthcare and Analytics

How Can Analytics Boost Healthcare Data Security?

With modern technologies now more accessible, the healthcare sector is continually shifting to more digitized methods. The World Economic Forum states that 64% of healthcare leaders invest in digital health technology, with 19% prioritizing AI software. These technologies are useful in expediting operations within the healthcare sector. However, it’s worth noting that they can also benefit healthcare cybersecurity — in particular, analytics as a means of heightening data security. Concerns Surrounding Healthcare Data Security: What You Should Know Healthcare institutions hold thousands of patient records, each containing sensitive data like patients’ medical records and payment details. When hackers obtain this … Read more

Cybersecurity Threats

Cybersecurity Threats and Attacks

Current cyber threats are varied, ranging from sensitive data and infrastructure infiltration to brute force and spear-phishing attacks. Despite their variations, one thing is common about cyber threats – they do not discriminate organizations from individuals or small companies from big enterprises when looking for targets. What exactly are these cybersecurity threats making headlines today? What are Cybersecurity Threats? A cyber threat, otherwise known as a cybersecurity threat, refers to a malicious activity seeing to damage or steal data. By and large, potential threats that include data breaches, computer viruses, malware, and denial of service attacks disrupt digital life.    … Read more

How to find a Network Security Key

How to Find a Network Security Key

Wireless technologies have become pivotal to daily business operations and communication. Devices such as smartphones and laptops require a Wi-Fi connection to access internet services from an internet service provider. On the other hand, cyberattacks targeting wireless networks are on the rise. Some of the biggest cybersecurity threats target network security, with social engineering, ransomware, and DDoS leading the pack. For this reason, a network security key also referred to as a wireless network password, is required to secure a Wi-Fi network from adversaries. What is a Network Security Key? A wireless network key is a WIFI password required to … Read more

Information Assurance vs Cybersecurity

Information Assurance vs Cybersecurity

Are there key differences between information assurance and cybersecurity? Most references to information assurance and cybersecurity get the two terms mixed up. It is now to the point where people believe they mean the same thing. Many people may consider the two concepts interchangeable. However, there are fundamental similarities and differences between information assurance and cybersecurity, as described in this article. What is Information Assurance? Information assurance is the practice of ensuring that information systems perform as needed and prevent unauthorized access. In addition, the system remains accessible to legal users. The term refers to the technical and managerial measures … Read more

Top Cybersecurity Issues

Cybersecurity Issues in 2021 (Top 12)

Cybersecurity Issues that the cybersecurity industry is facing continue to evolve. We must understand these to close security gaps and prevent future attacks. This post dives into twelve cybersecurity threats and issues that pose significant potential risks in 2021. We must look back at previous cybersecurity trends that set the stage for critical security issues this year.  Cybersecurity Issues to Watch Out for in 2021 1.      Remote Working Attacks One of the most notable 2021 cybersecurity issues stems from the COVID-19 impacts in 2020. Remote working threats are not new this year. But the mass shifting from office-based work to … Read more

5 cybersecurity issues you need to be aware of

5 Cybersecurity Issues You Need to be Aware Of

According to Gartner, spending on cybersecurity worldwide is expected to reach $133.7 Billion by 2022. Most cyber threats are motivated by money, but an estimated 25% is a result of espionage. Investing in security staff at the front door is no longer enough. You must know what to protect your company from, especially if you are just now formulating a plan to deal with cybersecurity risk. We will list out five common threats that have the potential to create a significant blow to your business if you are not sufficiently protected.  Ransomware  These may be less frequent but are very … Read more

irewall vs software firewall

Hardware Firewall vs Software Firewall

Organizations and individuals use firewalls as one of the standard security tools. They use the security appliance to regulate ongoing connections and incoming traffic within a network. A firewall acts as a security barrier by detecting and filtering malicious data packets. These packets can potentially harm an entire network and connected personal computers or other physical devices. Moreover, depending on the firewall’s configuration, it can prevent specific programs or applications from accessing internet connectivity and block outgoing or incoming traffic. There are two primary groups of firewall models – hardware firewall vs software firewall. They both provide the same security … Read more


What is Business Continuity Management?

What Is BCM and How Does it Relate to Cyber Security? Business continuity management is the advanced planning and preparation of a company to continue functioning or quickly resume operations after a disaster has occurred on the premises. It is usually done through continuity management software that is efficient and simplifies the work processes. Such a product also defines potential risks to cybersecurity and physical threats like fire or flood. Managers tend to plan and identify a potential crisis within their company before it happens. They create procedures and plans and test them to validate the functionality. Periodically, these structures … Read more

Recent Hacks and Data Breaches

Recent Hacks and Data Breaches

Recent Hacks and their effects have been amplified by a drastic shift to a work-from-home strategy that expanded an already dynamic and fragile cyber threat landscape. Forced lockdowns and other control measures required organizations to uptake new technologies and operations to facilitate the adoption of remote working frameworks. For example, cloud services’ adoption rate skyrocketed since it gave an impetus for embracing new remote working methodologies. As a result, the remote working culture saw a significant rise in cyber-attacks, such as phishing and ransomware attacks against health institutions. An expanded cyber threat environment caused the cybersecurity approaches of most enterprises … Read more

5G Cybersecurity

How 5G Networks are Redefining Cybersecurity Approaches

5G or fifth-generation is an advanced wireless network technology developed based on 802.11ac IEEE wireless standard. It replaces its predecessor, the fourth-generation network, increasing data transmission and communication by over three times. Most countries are already implementing a global rollout of the technology, and industry experts agree that 5G offers unlimited potential towards enhancing human life. It is considered a key enabler of developing more reliable and fast connections to smartphones and all other smart devices. Some of the key advantages of the network include: Ability to expand, thus increasing its capacity to connect more people and devices A lower … Read more

est cybersecurity programming languages

What are the Best Cybersecurity Programming Languages?

What are the best cybersecurity programming Languages? Although a shortage of cybersecurity skills and talent has contributed to the rising cybercrime cases, developing insecure applications and systems is also to blame. DevSecOps is a prerequisite for developing secure and resilient applications. The concept means development, security, and operations, and it involves observing the recommended practices to ensure a secure development environment to provide end-users with trusted and safe products. Cyber actors can, however, still work around and compromise systems with the highest security levels. To prevent this, cybersecurity professionals need to possess diverse skills to detect security issues in a … Read more

google chrome

How You Might Get Hacked By a Chrome Extension

Chrome extensions offer useful tools that enhance your browsing experience—except when they contain viruses that compromise your computer’s security. The ramifications of this can be quite serious. Think for a moment about all the sensitive information that’s stored in your browser. Passwords, access to your online workspace/social media accounts, and credit card credentials are at stake. Even an innocuous-looking Chrome theme may contain malware (it’s happened to us!). The Chrome web store’s security isn’t as trustworthy as you might expect; it has pretty weak regulation. As an avid Internet user, you need to be prepared against the security breaches resulting … Read more

8 common phishing emails: How to protect yourself

8 common phishing emails: How to protect yourself

Cybercriminals who carry out phishing attacks have become much more proficient. These scams may hide behind people and organizations that you know and trust. If you click on the email, you could be the next victim. Be aware of the common phishing emails so that you don’t fall victim. You should also be aware of the steps you should take to protect yourself from fraud. So read on to get the inside scoop! The Most Common Phishing Emails Fake advertisements In this phishing type, the scammer poses as a legitimate business by using brand logos to make their emails look … Read more

Why is Cybersecurity Important in 2021?

Why is Cybersecurity Important in 2021?

Why is Cybersecurity Important? is a question many business owners and organizations attempt to answer today. Not long ago, cybersecurity was considered a job for IT staff alone.  Today cybersecurity is everyone’s job. In 2021 cybersecurity is among the top priorities for any company. Organizational executives know that cybersecurity is critical for business operations and processes. The importance of cybersecurity is a primary theme during budget planning and allocation.  Companies attempt to acquire the best cyber defenses available. Implementing simple security tools like firewalls and antiviruses is not sufficient today because threats have grown in scope, sophistication, and strategy. Cybersecurity … Read more

Must-Know Cybersecurity Statistics and Tips for 2021

Must-Know Cybersecurity Statistics and Tips for 2021

. Cyber attacks are a threat to businesses of all sizes and in all industries. With cybercrime rising by 600% during the pandemic, businesses are more vulnerable than ever to the financial and reputational repercussions of cyberattacks. To help business owners prevent and respond to such incidents, this guide will go over statistics on types of cyberattacks and actionable tips to prevent them. Costs of Cybercrime By 2025, it is estimated that cybercrime will cost businesses worldwide $10.5 trillion annually. With the global cost of cybercrime at $3 trillion in 2015, that’s more than a threefold increase over a decade. … Read more

Biometrics and Cybersecurity

Biometrics and Cybersecurity

Biometrics is an element ingredient of cybersecurity. Technology makes things more comfortable, but rapid advancements come with new flaws and challenges. This makes security a primary concern. Protection of cyber-space from identity theft, theft of data, or even computer resources is referred to as cybersecurity. Hackers are continually evolving. As technology advances, they also take advantage of the new tools and skills and set security systems, making passwords inefficient as a protective mechanism. Because of such reasons, biometric security is fast gaining widespread adoption among companies, organizations, and individuals as the preferred way to safeguard cyber-space from hackers and other … Read more

Cybersecurity Tools

27 Top Cybersecurity Tools for 2021

We list and describe the top cybersecurity tools that every cybersecurity professional needs to understand. Many companies consider cybersecurity as one of the top priorities. Increased dependence on technology to drive critical business operations has led to a proliferation of cybercrime. Successful attacks result in devastating consequences to the victim, including damaged reputation, financial loss, compromised business and customer data, among others. Besides, cyber-attacks lead to expensive litigations where regulations such as GDPR may impose hefty fines amounting to millions of dollars. As such, every organization requires to implement the best controls to achieve optimum security. However, realizing systems that … Read more