GitHub to Unveil Identity of Twitter Source Code Leaker

GitHub has been ordered by a court to reveal the identity of the individual who leaked the Twitter source code. This leak was made last year in July, and the court has been investigating the matter since then.

The leaker uploaded a file to GitHub containing the source code for the Twitter app, and it was available for download for several hours before it was removed. The file was then spread across various social media platforms.

Twitter immediately began an investigation into the matter, and it was discovered that the code had been accessed by an employee who had worked at Twitter previously. The former employee had then shared the code with the leaker.

Twitter filed a lawsuit against the leaker, and the court issued an order for GitHub to reveal the identity of the person responsible for uploading the file. GitHub initially refused to comply with the order, arguing that it would violate user privacy, but eventually relented after the court threatened to hold them in contempt.

The identity of the leaker has not been revealed yet, and it is unclear what consequences they will face for their actions. Twitter has stated that it takes the protection of its users’ data seriously and will continue to take legal action against anyone who tries to compromise its security.

This case serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting sensitive information and the consequences of unauthorized disclosures. Companies should take all necessary measures to secure their data and ensure employees know the risks of mishandling confidential information.