Guarding Ourselves from Cybersecurity Threats

We cannot live without technology, it has changed the way we live and do things. We will agree with me that life without technology will be a very difficult one since we have gotten used to technology helping us to live a good life. Your workplace relies on technology, from communication, sending files, meetings, financial transactions and even transportation.  Technology is in control of what we do, how we do it and every day, we are discovering new ways of doing things using technology. However, as we rely of technology, we need to ask ourselves important questions, are we totally secure? This is because, hackers and intruders are all over, come up with ways to hack the systems and technology that we are using and take advantage of it. Communication systems can be compromised and this can cause a great damage to organization.

Just to give an example, Telecoms giants, Talk Talk, had their systems hacked in 2015 and over £400,000 fine was imposed on them due to not having strong security for their system. Similar case was witnessed in Three Mobile where hackers exposed more than 200,000 people’s information. Cyber-attacks damages businesses and takes down big institutions, making them incur great losses.

From those cases, what do we learn? Cybersecurity is important for any firm or organization that needs to be protected from intruders.  We need to think of cyber security even before as we plan to setup systems, networks and even as we add components to our organizations. It is absolutely crucial we use the right system to help us deter any security breach from taking place. There are many reasons to this and we will have guarded ourselves from many dangers that we are exposed to when we do not have working cyber security.

Use of cybersecurity system

We have systems that are able to detect any cyber threat. These systems are able to protect the systems from threats and anything happening to organizations. They are able to do checks on organizations systems, networks and components to know if there are any vulnerabilities or loopholes that hackers can use to access organizations system or information. The use of centralized system will be of great help because it helps in controlling every organizations component at ease. In addition, we can put firewalls to help keep intruders away and strong antiviruses that have advanced capabilities.

Need for hiring a cybersecurity professional

For any organization to be secure from cyber threats, there are need to hire cybersecurity professional to allow organization to remain ahead of any threat. There are threats and attacks that need a professional person to handle them. Not everyone can deal with sophisticated threat and attacks that can bring systems down and render them useless, unless a professional cybersecurity person deals with it. With increase in sophisticated innovation of technology, which brings a greater demand of sophisticated skills, therefore, just waiting for an attack is not wise at all, there need to prepare ourselves with people who can deal with such threats and attacks.

Familiarizing with current cyber security threats

Most threats in cybersecurity have a way to counter them or even avoid them. Most common cyber security attacks are send through emails, maybe a malware inform of an attachment. They are also found in websites inform of links.  We need to constantly be informed of current risk that can harm us. There are recent implementations like GDPR that helps to gather information regarding any threats, breaches. Therefore, getting informed of how to deal with this threat can help because one can avoid any activity that might make him or her vulnerable.

We need to be alert every time, because many of attacks are from who we know or what we do daily. Cyber security is something that we cannot protect ourselves from, but we can always have ways on how to deal with it.