Cyber security can be defined as the measures that are taken in order to protect computers or electronic devices from criminals who are seeking unauthorized data.

In the previous years, cybersecurity was not a concern because there were very few breaches. Companies and business organizations had no problem protecting their data because all they had to do use password protection.

But when hackers realized that they could make money by exploiting vulnerabilities, everything changed.

Why hacking is not a bad thing when it is not intentional

Is hacking a bad thing?

Some may say it’s against the law to hack and others can say it is okay because one can only do it to earn a living.

Actually, hacking is not bad at all, but when one does it intentionally, and then it becomes bad.

We have hackers who are certified to hack. They can be employed by an organization to locate weaknesses and vulnerabilities of its information systems by using the same skills and tactics of malicious hackers.

This act of finding the loopholes of systems is called ethical hacking. It is totally different from black hat hacking because the motive is different. Ethic hackers want to identify the weaknesses of the system while black hat hackers want to use the weaknesses to their own benefits.

Ethical hackers have to be certified

For one to practice ethical hacking, he has to be certified so that he can practice hacking in a lawful and legitimate manner to be able to access the security of a target system.

In addition, it is also important so that there can be a line to differentiate the two type of hackers. Ethical hackers are employed in institutions and organizations for the purpose of finding vulnerabilities and identifying ways to secure those vulnerabilities. There are a lot of benefits that come with having ethical hacker working with an organization.

Need for organizations to invest in ethical hacking

Organizations need to employ ethical hackers for them to reduce the risk of being attacked. Many vunlerabilies are being discovered daily and there is need to employ someone who will be tasked to stay ahead of any discoveries that are being developed that can be used by malicious hackers.

How to deal with the hacking challenge

The first thing the ethical hackers need to know is to understand the mindset of real hackers. He goes on into details and knows the tools and techniques that hackers are using to do malicious activities.  The ethical hacker can use all the information gathered to identify ways to counter the hackers and prevent them from accessing systems.

Secondly, hackers always keep updating themselves with new technologies. They learn them first… even before the technologies are released to the market. They spend a lot of time and money trying to learn new tools and techniques so that to stay ahead of others.

Ethical hackers need to be constantly educated and stay updated with new technologies.