Importance of Cybersecurity in Military

The basic role of the military is to provide security to every citizen and it cannot protect the citizens if it cannot protect itself. The mass embracement of information technologies has triggered the risk of cyber-attacks. There is a greater need for the military to join hands with all the stakeholders and professionals to create awareness and provide secure cyberspace through the provision of resilient and robust capabilities.

The major focus of these capabilities is to detect, Defend, respond to and prevent cyber-attacks that can by any chance affect the military systems and networks that in turn may have verse effect on the military operations. The essential role of the military in relation to cyber-security, therefore, is to offer protection to the Communications and Information systems. There is more need to advance on the resilience by the capabilities due to the increasing rise in the interconnectedness.

The military has been progressively making steps to have a deeper understanding of the challenges of cyber defense and this has led to better integrations of operational planning. We can say that the general purpose of the bigger agenda cybersecurity and technology used by the military is to mitigate any possible risks.  It’s therefore mandatory for the military to fully incorporate and embrace the cyber defense aspect in their work and even in their thinking.

Role of Military in cybersecurity

Basically, cybersecurity is simply the collection of practices, processes, and technologies that have been designed to protect systems, networks, data, computers, and programs from damage, attacks and unauthorized access. In a simpler term, cybersecurity is the protection of personal information and secrets. Military just like any other organization or businesses rely on cybersecurity for protection because they use these systems and networks in their operations.

The information to be protected here includes social security and even the nation’s highest secrets. These pieces of information should be kept safe from all vulnerabilities and attackers who may want to exploit them. We can’t limit cybersecurity to the military alone; we are all vulnerable to cyber-attacks because we all have information from cell phones to Xbox and other things that we may connect to the internet.

Militaries have developed cyber capabilities to help them in fighting in the battlefields and to defend their systems from enemies during peacetime.  The military have an important role in providing its nation with national signal intelligence regularly. Due to their Mission-oriented nature, the military are always better resources compared to other arms of the government. The military are properly structured to offer the exact obligatory and effective cyber defense.

The cyber military must now implement offensive actions to cyber-threats and hackers. It would also be better if every country pays attention to cross-border legal actions to those who are not friendly.

How to keep safe

To ensure that you and your home remain safe, you need to take some precautions to secure your data because they are vulnerable to someone somewhere. Your personal information such as social security number, address, and banking information can be used by hackers or fraudsters to open drain your account, create credit card or even destroy your credit. These attackers can also use military grades, job titles and clearance levels for terrorist attacks.

To keep yourself safe from any cyber-attacks it’s prudent to consider using these simple tips: Close and log out your accounts when you’re done with what you were doing, use a strong password and don’t share your password with anyone, always update your security software and don’t just open any emails from unknown or untrusted source that you’re not familiar with. These great tips will help you to keep safe and protect your finance and identity from attackers.