Tips to Avoid Becoming a Social Engineering Victim


Cyber criminals are smart, sneaky, and are becoming more creative with how they conduct cyber-attacks. Social engineering is a core tool that is being used by these malicious people to execute their plans and exploit their targets to the fullest.  They will use all their best techniques and skills to lure you into their traps.

You need to know how to avoid these bad minded people who can easily manipulate you if you are not careful. These hackers are hoping that you are na├»ve and you do not know what to do.  Here are few tips to help you avoid social engineering attacks:

Pamper yourself with knowledge, be informed

You need to be well educated with what is happening in the world of social engineering. As they say… information is power. This is the most powerful tool to help you avoid social engineering attacks.  Read up to date details on how phishing techniques are currently being used.

You should also do research on websites that describe how to identify cyber-attacks and how to protect yourself from hackers. There are many different types of attacks to learn about but they all fall into just a handful of attack categories.

Be calm and slow when dealing with cyber-attacks.

Hackers use your emotions at their own advantage; they convey a sense of urgency to cause you to make mistakes. You are most vulnerable to be attacked is when you are not yourself, tensed, acting in urgency and portraying signs of confusion.

Take deep breath and calm down if you have received any request concerning your personal information. Think about what is being asked of you so that you can realize that a scam is in progress.

Due diligence

Performing due diligence can be of great help in social engineering cases. Don’t jump to conclusions. But rather follow all the steps in authenticating any information you receive.

If your receive an email request to send personal information you should call the bank before providing your information. Do not disclose any information if you are not sure. You should wait until you take steps to ensure that you are not being social engineered. It never a matter of life or death so it can surly wait. Validate the email address that has sent the information and the phone number that may have called you.

Never click of links or download attachments from unknown sources

This is how hackers get malware to your computer for them to access it remotely and get steal your information. Always treat it as a spam until you know exactly where it came from.

Strong password

Make sure that your password is strong. Always make it your norm to change your password frequently. Do not use any default passwords. Eight or more character password which is a mix of letter, numbers and symbols is strong.

Avoid sharing too much on social media

Hackers can track you down online due to your constant sharing of your personal information. They can know all your traits and get your personal information from social media. Always be sensitive when it comes to social media, if it is possible, keep off from it of you feel you may be a target.


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