Tips to Increase your Cybersecurity

Often, many people think that cybercrime is just about hackers out there who want to steal their financial information. This is not the case; cybercrime entails a lot and includes even terrorism. There are so many concerns apart from financial threats. It’s so unfortunate that cybercrime is continually evolving day by day and new and more complicated cases arise yearly.

The truth is that there are some things you can do to protect yourself against the attackers or hackers but the reality is that there is no way we can completely keep ourselves safe. Before you treat a disease you must first begin by diagnosing its cause and then try to prevent it. In a similar way, it is good to know the risk factors that can make you vulnerable and try to find protective ways to keep yourself safe from such attacks.

These tips are for anyone who is using a smartphone, a computer or any mobile device because they are all vulnerable to cyber-threats. When you use a computer or mobile device there are some personal data that you’ll be storing in these devices either knowingly or unknowingly. These data are vulnerable and can be stolen by hackers through the use of malware. These data will then be used in the wrong way because they will be in the wrong hands. Here is how to keep safe.

1.    Use a strong password

You should create a very strong password for your devices and all the accounts that you’re using. These passwords should also be managed properly. If possible, protect everything with a password. One common mistake that many people make is using the same password for different accounts, avoid this. A strong password should be complex and contain 12-14 characters that combine symbol, a number, lowercase, and uppercase letter. Try as much as you can to change your passwords regularly, preferably after ninety days and enable multi-factor authentication. Contact your service provider if you notice anything unusual.

2.    Protect your device

Remember your attackers are not just online alone, cybercrime can be committed even offline. You need to protect your devices like a computer or operating systems from theft. You should protect your computers by installing lock ports tracking devices and USB security keys. Some cybercriminals hack devices just by compromising the operating system, apps or the entire hardware. It’s therefore very important to update your devices regularly.

3.    Update your device regularly

This tip is very essential for your internet security software and operating systems. Anytime you connect to the internet you automatically become vulnerable, most hackers or cybercriminals take advantage of this to exploit you that’s why you must keep all the apps, operating systems, and all connections up to date. Software and security systems help a lot in limiting vulnerability. Tactics used by cybercriminals are evolving that’s why you need to use the latest software version available.

4.    Browse Safely

Which internet do you use? Can it be trusted? You should completely avoid using public and untrusted Wi-Fi. Using public or untrusted Wi-Fi will give hackers easy access to your device or system and they might get away with your data such as login credentials for your bank accounts or social media profile. Another thing to take into consideration when browsing is to avoid insecure websites without HTTPS, if the ‘S’ is missing then that website could expose you to malware and other vulnerabilities. 

5.    Avoid internet fraudsters

You need to update your antivirus regularly, this is because spam filters and antivirus helps a lot in keeping you safe from online fraudsters though they have limitations. Cybercriminals can attack you through emails and attachments sent in the email, be very careful and avoid opening such phishing emails. Online crimes and attacks are normally engineered by emails that contain virus and ransomware.  Avoid sharing sensitive information via email and don’t click or download attachments from an unknown source.


Cybercrime is evolving and becoming more complex so it is always good to be on the watch to be safe. It would be better if you implement VPNs to all your connections and also retire al your unused services. Sensitize those around you and always be on the guard.