Top hacking techniques

Hackers have been coming up with different ways of hacking, and it is time for you to know those techniques for you to be on the safe side. When you get to know their tricks, you will be able to keep yourself safe and be able to counter any malicious activity that may be planned against you.

Denial of service (DoS)

This attack is accomplished by hackers taking down servers or sites by flooding them with a lot of traffic. Hackers use Botnets – hundreds or thousands of maliciously controlled computers – to flood the target with so many requests that legitimate users cannot access the system.

Fake wireless access points

Always be careful when accessing wireless access points. You might end up getting into the hands a malicious actor. One technique that hackers use is to create a fake wireless access point. When you connect the hacker will get all your information. If you must use a public wireless access point you should use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) so that you can keep your data safe. A VPN will prevent someone from accessing to your phone or computer with your permission. It will also hide the IP address of your machine or phone from the public domain.

Key logger

A Key logger gives a report of what you type on your computer. It is a simple technique which can be quite harmful. Key loggers record all of your key sequences and keystrokes every time you use your keyboard. After recording it sends a report to the hacker and provides crucial information like username and passwords.  Hackers have used this technique to obtain usernames and passwords for online baking platforms in order to empty out bank accounts.

You could counter this through the use of virtual keyboards. You should consider using a virtual keyboard anytime you need to type any highly sensitive information.

Water hole attack

Water hole attacks are conducted by creating a fake website that looks just like a company’s real website. These websites have everything that the real version of the website has. If you accidentily access the fake website your login information will be captured without your knowledge! You will just get an error message that you entered your password incorrectly. Your username and password will be recorded and then you will be transferred to the real website so that it works the second time you try.

Be sure you learn about the latest developments as far as cyber security is concerned. You may want to enroll in cybersecurity training to know the best practices and be able to protect yourself from hackers.