What we need to learn from Facebook Cyber security breaches

Just recent, we have witnessed major Facebook cyber security breach. It has affected over fifty million user accounts. A British analytics firm, Cambridge Analytica was involved in this scandal in which they accessed data for this user accounts. Facebook it is still facing scrutiny over how private information of its users is being handled. Many of the users are concerned and the fear over their security is something that they are looking for answers.

The organization had not faced such challenge for the last 14 years of its existence, this was unique and challenging. It was alleged that through the access of user’s data, they used the data to influence results of elections and ultimately led to deaths in different countries. Mark Zuckerberg has been questioned several times by the congress on the safety of the users of their social network. Some lawmakers aired their views by suggesting that there is need for government to step in and take action to protect the privacy and security of its people, if no controls are put in place for the safety of its users.

Hacking Facebook gives direct access to other apps

Facebook account is crucial to many other web applications. Other applications allow Facebook users to open their account using Facebook accounts. One does not need to be verified, if he or she owns Facebook account. Therefore, hacking Facebook account is a clear and major threat to other applications.  Spotify, Instagram and other hundreds of other applications were exposed through hacking of fifty million accounts.

Facebook security is very important to everyone. Its breaching can affect every other website applications and can expose user’s private and confidential information that is of great important to them.

Software bugs need to be closely monitored

Hackers used bugs that were introduced to help in privacy of users but in contrast, they assisted in hacking. The other bug assisted to ease uploading of birthday videos which hackers used to access the personal information of its users.

We need to closely monitor any bugs in the systems so that they would not find way for hackers to find their way into any system or social network. We also need to put control measures that help in controlling the bugs. We do not need to put risks in the systems by not putting controls that take care of every vulnerable parts of the system.

 Facebook need to be closely monitored, just like any other social media network. Its data can be hacked and used by malicious people to assist them achieve their bad minded plans.  Its data can be used to vote or even to trigger results in a wrong way. Anyone who is able to control Facebook accounts can harm many other platforms and even bring great change to different platforms. Therefore, we need to take care of social media networks, what we share online, who friend request we accept and what we write in Facebook. We do not need to share our contacts, email or even our locations. We never know who will use it.