What is Eavesdropping?   Merriam-Webster dictionary defines eavesdropping as the act of secretly listening to something private. In computer security, eavesdropping refers to the interception of communication between two parties by a malicious third party. An eavesdropping attack, also known as snooping or sniffing attack, is the theft of information transmitted over a network by a digital device such as a computer, smartphone, or IoT device. The attack exploits vulnerabilities in unsecured network communications to access data illegally. Key Takeaways Eavesdropping is secretly or stealthily listening to others’ private communications without their consent to gather information. Eavesdropping is regarded as … Read more


What is Encryption? Encryption is a security control that alters information from a readable to random format to prevent unauthorized access. Encryption mechanisms convert a human-readable plain text to incomprehensible ciphertext. Key Takeaways Encryption is a process scrambling data to prevent unauthorized parties from accessing or modifying information Encryption uses a cryptographic key that a sender and receiver use to decode information Symmetric and Asymmetric encryption are the two main types of encryption Some of the benefits of encryption include improving privacy, enhancing security, protecting data integrity, and supporting compliance https://cyberexperts.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/What_is_a_Encryption4.mp4#t=1 The Encryption Process Encryption uses a cryptographic key, which … Read more


What is Espionage? Merriam-Webster defines espionage as “the practice of spying or using spies to obtain information about the plans and activities, especially for a foreign government or competing company. Espionage in cybersecurity refers to a form of cyberattack where hackers steal classified, sensitive data or intellectual property to gain an advantage over a competitor or another government entity. Espionage involves collecting intelligence by obtaining information that is not publicly available using human sources and technical means. Key Takeaways Cyber espionage is a form of cyberattack that involves the theft of classified, sensitive data, or intellectual property Espionage targets both … Read more