The Top 15 Most Used Passwords Will Make You Laugh… or Cry


Every year the guys at SplashData analyze millions of hacked and leaked passwords from websites and online services.  They then publish this most commonly used passwords that they find.

It is never a good idea to use such obvious passwords because there is virtually no security.  In fact, it is a common practice for hackers to simply run through the list of common passwords with multiple user names.  Boom – they get access to your private information and can use it to gain more information and cause damage.

Here is the list. 

1. 123456                  The top password in use. 

2. password             At least it is easy to remember!

3. 123456789          A bit stronger than the #1 password 🙂

4. 1234567              A bit weaker 🙁

5. 12345                  and the list goes on…

6. 111111

7. 1234567

8. sunshine

9. qwert

10. iloveyou

11. princes

12. admin

13. welcome

14. 666666

15. abc123

We found this list to be quite amusing.  It is human nature for people to choose passwords that are easy to remember.  Easy to remember passwords are often easy to guess.

This is one of the reasons that we think the use of passwords will eventually go away.  In fact, one potential solution is outlined in Passwords Suck and Will Eventually Go Away.


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