CASP vs. CISSP - My Experience

CASP vs. CISSP – My Experience

I decided to take the CASP exam for only one reason… There is only one reason that I initially took the CASP exam instead of the CISSP. I did not make the decision logically.  I did not know the real differences between the tests. I took the CASP test first because I thought it would be easier to pass.  Plain and Simple – I thought that I would have a better chance to pass the CASP than the CISSP.  I heard that the CISSP was one of the most challenging and dreaded tests.  I heard story after story about people … Read more

IAM vs IAT Certifications

IAM vs IAT Certifications

There is often some confusion about the difference between IAM and IAT certifications. Many times these terms are confused and interchanged. Both IAM and IAT were established by the Dept. of Defense in 2004. These are qualification standards meant to ensure that the Dept. of Defense IT systems are staffed with technical and management personnel who meet a certain standard of technical expertise. IAT stands for Information Assurance Technical. The IAT certification levels are achieved by passing specific exams and having certain work experiences that meet particular requirements. These requirements are focused on technical knowledge and are geared toward technical … Read more

Cybersecurity Career Transition

How to Transition to a Cyber Security Career at Any Age

Are you thinking about doing a mid-career transition to a cybersecurity position? It is a great field to join.  There are currently millions of unfilled cybersecurity jobs in the US and countless more around the world.  There are not enough qualified applicants to fill these jobs. Because qualified applicants are limited, the salaries for cybersecurity jobs are on the rise.  It is common for cybersecurity positions to pay more than six figures to folks who have some strategic IT certifications and just a few years of experience. In your 30s, 40s, or 50s? It is never too late to get … Read more

Don't Underestimate the CompTia Security+ Exam

Don’t Underestimate the CompTia Security+ Exam

The Comptia Security+ exam isn’t that easy! I was recently at a family reunion, and I was talking to my cousin, who does IT work for the military.  He was getting prepared to leave the military within a few years to transition into civilian work. I asked him if he had any IT certifications. “No, but I am thinking about trying to get some of the really easy ones like Security+”. I had taken and passed the CompTIA Security+ exam just a couple of years before this conversation.  I thought to myself, “Really easy? I think not!!!”.  But I did … Read more