AI and Cybersecurity

AI and Cybersecurity

AI and Cybersecurity IS NO LONGER NICE TO HAVE – IT IS CRUCIAL FOR DEFENDERS AND ATTACKERS Companies require cybersecurity plans and procedures to secure their networks, computers, and data from malicious cyber incidents, such as breaches and unauthorized access. On the other hand, artificial intelligence entails designing and building autonomous, smart systems that require minimal or zero human interference to operate. That said, modern cyber-attacks have necessitated the combined use of cybersecurity solutions with AI capabilities to secure against new threats and enhance threat detection capabilities. In addition, investing in AI-enabled security platforms has become integral to strengthening data … Read more

Healthcare Cybersecurity

Healthcare Cybersecurity Post Covid-19

Cybersecurity is one of the largest concerns for healthcare organizations. With phishing emails, ransomware attacks, and healthcare data breaches increasing daily, protecting patient data is one of the crucial objectives of healthcare providers. For example, researchers estimate that ransomware attacks will quadruple in the coming years as the global healthcare industry digitizes patient information. In addition, in contrast to the perception that cybersecurity risks are similar across all industries, healthcare cybersecurity is unique. The healthcare sector has rapidly connected networks, systems, and data to leverage the technological benefits in recent years. However, healthcare professionals have focused more on connecting healthcare … Read more


Cybercrime rates surge during the COVID-19 pandemic

Cybercrime rates surge during the COVID-19 pandemic. Coronavirus has influenced almost every area of our lives. It’s mostly visible in business as restrictions make it harder every day for people to do things as they have always have done.  To avoid losing money, they change the ways they operate. Unfortunately, this also means that they face new threats, some of which they aren’t prepared for. During the pandemic, many of us are forced to stay at home. Thus, companies need to allow their employees to work remotely to survive. For many, this is the first time working away from their … Read more

How to secure your computer from any virus threats?

Cybersecurity is critical both for individuals and businesses of all sizes. An increase of the World Wide Web introduced a range of possibilities for the industries, but it also brought new downsides of connectivity. We use internet-connected devices in all aspects of life. People receive tons of spam every day, so they need to infiltrate accounts, and computer viruses wreak havoc on business networks. Viruses and malware could harm our files and steal personal data such as banking details and social security information. We prepare you for security solutions to rely on and protect a computer from viruses (e.g., Norton). … Read more

computer forensics

Computer Forensics – A Complete Guide

Introduction to Computer Forensics  Computer Forensics is used to answer two of the most commonly asked questions about hacking attempts and data breaches: How did the attack happen? Is there a possibility of recurrence, and can such threats be prevented from ever happening again in the future?  There are no specific answers to these questions as it depends on the level of severity or rather the complexity of the cyber-attack. The process of identifying how the attack happened and whether it can happen again in the future can take weeks or even months. For an in-depth analysis of the origin … Read more

IoT Cybersecurity Issues

IoT Cybersecurity Issues

The Internet of things encompasses all components that are interconnected by a worldwide computer network and communicate with each other. The components transmit data through shared resources like servers and storage devices. Security becomes paramount to all these components because these devices can be used by hackers. Hackers may gain access to confidential information. The Internet of things helps in sharing resources and making life better, but also it comes with challenges.  Your cybersecurity is critical when it comes to the internet of things (IoT). This article describes the effects of poor IoT security. Loss of information and data Just … Read more