Cybersecurity Trends Affecting Cybersecurity Stocks in 2022

In 2022 cybersecurity is on everyone’s lips. After all, more and more companies are changing their business model to rely on e-commerce. That’s why companies such as Bulletproof Cyber Security have a broad range of customers, from individual clients to corporations and governments. Because of that, many investors decide to put their money into this particular industry, as they can see significant growth opportunities both now and in the future.

Below, you will find information on 4 cybersecurity trends that are currently affecting cybersecurity stocks. You can read more about growing threats of cybercrime, major government investments, cyber warfare and espionage, and many more. Read on and find out if you should invest in cybersecurity stocks!

Growing Number of Cyber Attacks & Cyber Security Jobs

The number of cyberattacks is growing every year. There are several reasons why cybercriminals attack organizations and individuals. Most of them do it for a profit, while some are simply doing it out of spite or revenge. Others do it for political reasons, as they want to disrupt the work of certain companies or even governments. For example, you might have heard about the 2016 hack against the DNC. The group called Fancy Bear was responsible for this attack, and they were also responsible for other similar attacks in countries such as Ukraine and Germany.

If you think that hacking is not a threat to you, think again. Many small and medium-sized businesses don’t pay enough attention to cybersecurity, and this can lead to a significant loss in revenue for them. Even large companies aren’t safe from hacking attacks, which is why you need to make sure that your company has the right cybersecurity measures in place.

More and more people start realizing that cybersecurity is an increasingly important field to work in. Cybersecurity jobs are expected to grow by 19% in 2022, which means that there will be a lot of job opportunities for people who know how to protect organizations and individuals from cyber attacks. This is why many students choose to major in cybersecurity because they can see the huge demand for this kind of work.

Cybercrime Becomes More Sophisticated

Cybercriminals are doing their best to improve their tactics so they can increase their profits. And it seems that they are succeeding in this endeavor. They keep coming up with new attack vectors, spreading viruses through spam emails, using vulnerable IoT devices and DDOS attacks to spread their malware, rooting Android devices, etc.

All of these actions make it harder for security experts and IT specialists to protect their clients’ companies from cyber threats. That’s why you need to invest in cybersecurity solutions if you want to stay protected!

Rise of IoT Devices

Most people know about smartphones, smartwatches, smart TVs, and smart cars – all connected via the Internet via Wi-Fi or cellular networks. Now imagine all these devices combined into one single network – a so-called internet of things (IoT). It sounds really cool and futuristic, but IoT also brings a number of problems with it. For example, the number of IoT devices that can be hacked has almost doubled since 2016.

And here’s another issue: some of these IoT devices are vulnerable to malware infections because they have weak security features built-in by default (e.g., due to poor design quality assurance standards). Other IoT devices come with so little memory that they may not be equipped with an OS that can be patched up to close the security holes that hackers may exploit. This leaves these devices vulnerable to attacks even if they’re not directly connected to the Internet (e.g., when they’re behind a firewall).

Government Investments in Cybersecurity

Governments around the world are investing more and more money into cybersecurity research. They are trying to catch up with cybercriminals, as well as to stay prepared for the future. For example, the US government is set to invest $18 billion into cybersecurity R&D programs in 2021 alone. Furthermore, governments are also working on international cybersecurity standards and regulations, which is important to help businesses and individuals become safer from cyberattacks.

Cyber War and Espionage

Cyberwarfare is a trending topic right now. Governments use the Internet as a new battlefield due to its convenience and accessibility. It’s much easier for countries like Russia and North Korea to launch cyberattacks against their enemies than it is for them to send troops to the battlefield. The same goes for espionage – many countries spy on each other through the Internet, stealing information that could be vital to their own countries’ success.

But these countries aren’t the only ones that benefit from Internet spying. Hackers from all over the world can be hired to work for any government or private organization. That’s why it’s really important to protect your data from being stolen by hackers who can sell it to their clients.


Cybersecurity is an excellent field to invest in. It’s a growing industry with plenty of job opportunities for people who want to provide businesses and individuals with cybersecurity solutions. Companies all over the world need cybersecurity experts to keep their data safe from attacks. The Internet is a powerful tool, but it’s also one that can be used against you. However, with the right tools and knowledge, you can protect your business from cybercriminals and other threats.