Kaspersky Partners with ownCloud For Enterprise Collaboration Protection

ownCloud and Kaspersky have declared their collaboration in the technology partnership with the goal to assimilate Scan Engine from Kaspersky and ownCloud’s platform. The collaboration was planned to be made via ICAP protocols, with the purpose to do scanning procedure in a different, separated server in order to maintain the platform’s power while allowing more scalability and easier maintenance.

Within the rapidly growing technology, cybersecurity concerns arise. Data protection still becomes the most critical aspect of cybersecurity for half total of organizations in United Emirates Arab. 

Now, each company’s existence of a file collaboration platform could work and share their files freely in a more secured environment to keep their data remains controllable. It’s definitely vital to prevent all kinds of malicious acts that could enter the system; a more improved scanning for anti-malware plays a considerable part.

About Kaspersky

The long-known company is still entitled to the identity of the industry leader in essential virus protection. Well, most users said it’s easier to use due to its more straightforward interface, real-time malware protection, and affects only little to none to overall device performance. 

Though it has abundant features to consider, including password manager, cloud protection, and a VPN service, the cost that covers them doesn’t need to be necessarily expensive. An example, for the VPN part, you can always depend on others that give ultra protection at a much affordable price.

Examples are the most trusted VPNs for MacOS by Cyberghost, which works brilliantly and costs lightly. The privacy policy is also one concerning aspect, definitely important, but highly missable.

As for the recommendation, this software does a decent job at protecting any device and definitely deserves a place in any antivirus tools recommendation. There’s a 30 days trial to check whether it’s suitable for you or not. Plus, there are occasion discounts which are excellent for testing.

There are millions of others who depend on Kaspersky as antivirus software. However, Kaspersky did involve in an alleged security breach that left many questioning the integrity and trust of this company.

Back in 2015, the media claimed that Kaspersky has involved in a grave data breach scandal. Some claims mentioned the company re-hired (or replaced) some of its staff with members from the Russian government. A big question arose regarding this decision.

With nothing to be clarified, the media left with their own perception. They often mentioned that this decision was made to steal the data from US intelligence. US government department took it seriously by banning Kaspersky to be used for their computers.

The rumours did hurt the company, though the truth hasn’t been discovered. 

About ownCloud

The company that started its journey back in 2010 has grown to be a credible and dependable company that’s serving as open-source platform for various specific projects. Initially serving institutional customers, ownCloud began its step to serve the paying customers in 2012. 

Functions as an alternative to Dropbox, ownCloud quickly became one of the most known projects with more than a thousand contributors. Its milestone was reached in 2014, where the company received funding of 6.3 million dollars, with the users reaching the number of 1 million. 

ownCloud has proven itself to be completely credible and dependable as an open source for corporate industries and scientific endeavours. The company has augmented its central core, features and integration to reinforced its Enterprise Edition.

Nowadays, when most of its workers work remotely, ownCloud continues to develop and support the platform. There’s no dividing wall to be feared of. Anyone from companies, schools, and government institutions can easily share their documents and works seamlessly. Now, ownCloud has been used by more than 500 companies and millions of individuals.

Enterprise Collaboration Protection Partnership

The partnership between two giant companies, Kaspersky and ownCloud, has made the scanning integration that focuses on performance and usability possible. The Scan Engine from Kaspersky guarantees the all-inclusive protection against malware and dreadful viruses, such as Trojans, worms, and others.

While providing protection, the Engine also gives traffic scanning for HTTP, plus reputation checking for URLs and Files. Now that the scanning procedure is performed on the server-side, it makes the job easier for the corresponding admins, thanks to the integration.

As Head of Technology Alliances at Kaspersky, Alexander Karpitsky, this collaboration with ownCloud is made to ensure all positive points of private cloud technologies that are enveloped in a more secure and safe environment guaranteed by the top solution for anti-malware, such as Kaspersky Scan Engine. 

Users will be able to deliver and share their documents worry-free from various malware and generally harmful viruses. This partnership opens the door to many opportunities, especially when the growth of technology is inevitable.