cryptography tools

11 Best Cryptography Tools in 2022

Computing systems requiring cryptography tools are deeply ingrained into modern human lifestyles and business practices. Specifically, digital technologies are applied in every domain, including healthcare, security, transportation, marketing, banking, and education. As a result, data has become a vital asset. In addition, companies require data to derive business value, whereas attackers target data for monetary and other gains. That said, organizations need reliable methods to secure sensitive information and maintain data integrity and confidentiality. Fortunately, cryptography and encryption methods have been used for centuries to prevent prying eyes from accessing secret messages. Also, strong encryption has become one of the … Read more

Asymetric Encryption Example

5 Super Asymmetric Encryption Example Use Cases

Asymmetric Encryption Example use cases can help enterprises with the numerous challenges they must deal with, especially on matters about cybersecurity. For example, mobile and cloud technologies enable the transmission and processing of confidential data, including financial deals, personal information, and health data. But, on the other hand, this has caused an expanded attack surface, and the threat landscape continues to evolve at an alarming rate. As a result, companies that handle sensitive data are under immense pressure to maintain daily business processes without compromising data security. Encrypting data is a widely used method for protecting information privacy, integrity, and … Read more

How to encrypt an external hard drive

How to Encrypt an External Hard Drive

The current average cost of a data breach increased by 10% to $4.24 million. A data breach is an unwanted or unauthorized access to sensitive or personal information. As many businesses are concerned, data breaches are complicated hacks where hackers exploit system security flaws to access networks and databases. As a result, they usually channel most resources towards securing the network perimeter by implementing firewalls, endpoint detection and response systems, antimalware products, and intelligent threat hunting capabilities. All these and many others are vital to protecting customer and company data from increasing cyber threats. However, numerous organizations overlook securing one … Read more