Murder By Hacking

Murder by Hacking

When Hackers Kill Hackers have already – perhaps many times- have contributed to death by hacking into secure systems and releasing information.  This information has lead to the loss of life in many different ways, including suicide and murder. But hacking has now evolved to the point that cybercriminals can use computers to negatively affect …

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What is Persian Stalker?

Persian Stalker is targeting Iranian social media accounts. The “group” has been around since 2017, and they have been observed targeting social media accounts.  Specifically, this group focuses on gaining access and control of Instagram and Telegram accounts. Telegram is a popular service with about 40 million users.  Telegram is a communication app that has …

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Avoid data breach Phishing

Phishing attacks up by 300% in 2018

According to “The Retail and eCommerce Threat Landscape Report” from October 2018, there is a 297% increase in the number of phishing websites that target online retail businesses and customers of these businesses.  There is an average of 23 phishing sites for each retail company included in the study.  In 2017 the data showed that …

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City of Westhaven Connecticut Pays $2K in Ransomware Extortion

Another successful ransomware attack…. The City of West Haven, Connecticut made the tough decision to pay hackers $2,000 in ransom money after a ransomware attack halted all their operations. The city contacted the Department of Homeland Security who discovered the attack originated outside of the U.S. West Haven mayor Nancy Rossi said the attack disabled …

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